FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is Planet to Soul Astrology ?

Planet to Soul Jyotish is a premium Jyotish service where people can consult and find solutions to problems from a trustworthy person Mrs. Sunilee Jani Pawar who is educated and passionate Jyotish Bhushan.

Why Planet to Soul Astrology?

Planet to Soul Jyotish facilitates effective and reliable Jyotish solutions with the seamless payment integration. Planet to Soul Jyotish is the one-stop solution for easy and affordable Jyotish on the go!

What can your readings do?

Offer Jyotish/spiritual insight into your circumstances.
Suggest ways to work with the energies available.
Shed light on blocks and inner conflicts.
Offer insight into how trends may unfold and timing.
Offer an Jyotish/spiritual perspective in regards to decision making.

What can’t your readings do?

Offer guaranteed outcomes – free will always plays a part.
Tell you what someone else will or won’t do.

What if I don’t have my time of birth?

In these cases I use other techniques for answering your questions

What payments do you accept?

Payments are by Paypal and Bank transfer.

What happens after I book?

Once, I receive your payment, I will send you an acknowledgement email normally within around 24 hours. I will also ask you for details and questions via a short client intake questionnaire. I work closely with your questions and concerns so it is helpful for me to have a small amount of background information.

When do I receive my reading?

Please allow up to 3 days to receive your reading. Sometimes readings are completed more quickly but it depends on how many clients I have booked and writing work.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry,We dont offer Refunds.

I have a question that isn’t answered here

Please fill the contact form by clicking here to ask your question.

How do I receive my reading?

I will E-mail you reading on your given mail ID.

I have booked but haven’t received an email from you?

Please check your spam folder. If I do not hear back from you within one week of emailing you, I will try again. If you are not receiving emails from me, please contact me privately through FACEBOOK.

Right to refuse

I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading if I feel appropriate. I do not work with anyone under the age of 18.

Get Answers for your Jyotish-Queries ?

Planet to soul Jyotish is just a step toward bringing and using this knowledge to make people feel better and happy. Someone says we cant change our destiny, But i think if we can know our future we can definitely change our future.