Namaste madam, Thanks for ur remedies, I’m eagerly waiting for ur reply .. u made my day…I’m so happy for ur kind words, yeah mam last year may I went to Malaysia for our honeymoon trip.. after birth of my child (Jan 12th 2017) my husband went to UK for onsite..he will be there until 2018 Jan. Ur so accurate in ur prediction

Hello Madam,I have my final interview on Wednesday 10th May . As you had said a strong chance to get a job in may and i got it.

You have good opportunity period around May 2017 and good period of work is from july 2017. on 24th i suddenly got a call from interview from a prestigious MNC situated in Banglore. It was a pleasent surprise and i attended interview yesterday evening. They said they will get back to me.

Thank u very much for ur positive  advice.  I hav started doing all most all things as per ur advice  and i am covering my losses  slowly  and steadily.  Thanks once again. U r the best

Sunileeji, namaste. Your predictions come true. I’m pregnant 9 weeks. Due on 23rd September.

Sunileejee,forgot to say that ur video onsaturn was spot on especially the first few minutes where u said Saturn shows who truly loves u and who doesn’t.amazing.thanks for the videos.learn so much through your videos.thanks once again

Hi Madam, Thank you for the consultation in April 2017. As you had predicted a better opportunity between April and July, I now have a job offer and I will be joining the company in July. your prediction timing was perfect… Keenly waiting for Nov 2017 for another prediction of yours to unfold 🙂 Thank you

Many thanks for this informative session…I like the fact that you keep going back and forth between basics/fundamentals and the topic under discussion…every session of yours helps me to learn and grasp fundamentals…Many thanks

just came across your channel .you are a wonderful teacher .i love your style and knowledge. i will now be busy

watching your videos.thankyou so much for sharing your time and knowledge

Oh dear, that is wonderful! Sunelee your knowledge is deeply rooted. It is more simplified for a person to catch up with… I’m Mithuna Lagna and watching your video makes me smile and smile again.

Thank you so so much Sunilee Ji, that was truly wonderful and exactly the guidance I was looking for. Your words had a lot of power and genuineness in them and you provided the answers that I needed for my spiritual progress. I feel like the path has cleared up now so I can move forward and make progress. I am so priveleged and honoured to be able to have your company and to learn from you. I felt like it was KN Rao that was speaking when I heard your consultation. I look forward to learning more from you through social media and I will recommend you to my friends who are looking for guidance.. Thank you once again for your help and God bless you! Jai ShreeKrushna!

yatra yogesvarah krsno
yatra partho dhanur-dharah
tatra srir vijayo bhutir
dhruva nitir matir mama

you are so sweet Suniliji i hope you have great success in helping us. And I hope your videos are longer each time you have info for us.

Nyc video Sunileeji u r so sweet and gentle so much like moon just love that ur voice ur patience ur attitude. Great astrologer. Thanks for all the knowledge